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  • Finding my Styling Confidence & My Style Inspirations

    I have quite a quirky, retro, grungy, indie kind of style but that doesn’t always show in my outfit choices.

    I find Aberdeen a rather subdued area for fashion. People dress more on the basic side and anything out of the ordinary makes you stand out like a sore thumb and probably not in any good way.

    Finding my Style Confidence & Style Inspirations | Aberdeen Blogger | Fashion | Kirsty Jarvie

    This, and the limited funds that I have, make styling outfits the way I’d like to difficult. I lack the confidence to go out of my comfort zone of black jeans and a long sleeved wrap top with heeled boots. If you asked any one of my friends, they would probably recite those exact words if asked what my style was. I stick to what I know: dark colours, minimal patterns and fitted clothes that I know suit my body shape.

    But to me, my style is so much more and I really want to start expressing that. I love the use of clashing colour choices and teaming delicate socks with a pair of heels. If I went out with socks and heels in Aberdeen, I’d 100% get funny looks.

    I shouldn’t care though, right? My style is my style. I shouldn’t have to hide away when I want to wear something that’s out of the norm. And from now on, that’s going to be my mantra.

    If I want to wear two opposing prints, then I will. If I want to wear an outfit that maybe doesn’t show off my body how I’d like but I know it will look fabulous – then I will.

    If I act and feel confident in an outfit, then that will help me pull it off and others will see that confidence and hopefully understand my styling story. And if not, then who cares.

    Finding my Style Confidence & Style Inspirations | Aberdeen Blogger | Fashion | Kirsty Jarvie

    It’s definitely harder than it sounds, but my way to start incorporating the unique, fun ideas that I have into my wardrobe is to begin my teaming such items with pieces that I already own and feel comfortable in. That way, it’s taking it easy and not completely throwing myself in at the deep end – if I were to do that then I probably would return the item straight away.

    Eventually, I’ll have these exciting pieces within my wardrobe that I will be confident in that I can then use to add other new fun pieces to my collection.

    I know that finance might get in my way a little but if I love an item and know I’ll get the use of it, then it’s a worthwhile purchase in my opinion.

    Finding my Style Confidence & Style Inspirations | Aberdeen Blogger | Fashion | Kirsty Jarvie

    My Style Inspirations

    The style icons that I’m using to help drive my style confidence are:

    Megan Ellaby

    Megan is wholeheartedly my number 1 style inspiration. Her fashion taste is right up my street with her retro and rock n roll inspired outfits. I love the way she plays with colour, textures and isn’t afraid to wear something that is out of the ordinary. She likes to clash prints and her outfits are always visually eye catching.

    Faye Ellaby

    I’m also a huge fan of the other Ellaby sister, Faye. Her styling is similar but much more grungy than Megan’s. Faye tends to stick to darker tones which works amazingly against her blonde hair. I love her use of vintage band tees and chunky biker boots with the more feminine touch of long, flowing maxi skirts. Maxi skirts look ridiculous on me, but it’s a style I LOVE and want to attempt to rock.

    Victoria (InTheFrow)

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Victoria. She has brilliant taste, but unfortunately, she is very much focused on high end brands. However, I do enjoy taking inspiration from her styling and trying to find alternatives on the high street. Victoria is amazing at styling tailored, structured pieces to look amazing on her petite frame. My favourite look on her is a sleek suit. I am such a huge fan of the suit trend and hope it stays around for a long time to come. I’m yet to purchase myself a suit but I’m on the search for the PERFECT set – I’m thinking a gorgeous lilac, rust or polka dot suit! She opts for a sophisticated, modern look that is classy but still exudes sexiness. Her colour palette is more minimal and subdued but mixing up her style and Megan’s would be exactly what I’m lusting after. Megan is definitely more playful but Victoria means business and I’d love to experiment with both of their styling techniques.

    Using the confidence that these beauties exude, I plan to really take my style up a notch and incorporate pieces that I wouldn’t usually wear into my wardrobe and I’m pretty darn excited about it.

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