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  • Travel Bucket List 2019

    Travelling is one of my favourite activities to do so creating a travel bucket list for the year is a fun way to plan out where I want to go and what I want to see throughout the year.

    I have two main destinations in mind for 2019. These are China and Prague.

    China – Travel Destination #1

    This year, I want to head off on my annual ‘big’ holiday to China. Blair and I have been discussing the possibility of China and the potential to go away and experience this amazing place for 3 weeks in June.

    The areas that we are hoping to visit include:

    • Beijing
    • Xi’ian 
    • Juizhaigou 

    In Beijing, we would love to have a wander around the Forbidden City and explore the hutongs (alleys) where they say that the ‘real culture of Beijing lies’. Of course, we are keen to visit the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.

     Xi’ian is where the Terracotta Warriors are situated and this is a display I have been longing to see for a number of years. As well as the ancient army, we’d love to hire bikes and cycle along the City Wall and hopefully see some of wonderful scenery that the city has to offer. 

    Jiuzhagiou is a newer addition to the list but one that I do not think would disappoint. The option to hike through the national park, witnessing the clear blue lakes and rivers and surrounded by greenery sounds beautiful and incredibly relaxing. 

    Prague – Travel Destination #2

    We have booked to go see Michael Buble in Prague so it’s a destination that I know for sure we will be visiting this year, which is super exciting indeed.

    We are going for a long weekend in September and both very much looking forward to visiting Prague. It has been on my bucket list for several years and it just looks so picturesque.

    We plan to visit all of the main visitor attractions but would love to know if you know of any hidden gems or places (food, attractions, bars) that we MUST visit on our stay. 

    Wee Extras – Travel Destination #3

    Blair and I love having a night or two away from Aberdeen to more local locations such as cities in Scotland, which I hope is something that we will continue on this year. I’d love to visit the Isle of Skye and I’m pretty sure this is a place high on Blair’s bucket list also!

    As well a small trip here and there in Scotland, I’d love to take another trip to London to see what else the city has on offer. But we will see – I am currently a skint student…

    Those are the destinations that are at the top of my bucket list for 2019 and hope to tick off by the end of the year. 

    Have you been to any and can share some advice/tips? I’d love to know and be sure to leave blog posts below if you have them handy!


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    TRAVEL BUCKET LIST 2019 | the places you must visit this year


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