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  • PRINCESS FOR THE DAY | A Day at Drum Castle

    The other week, before my friend Willum jet set off to London and Edinburgh for his new job, the two of us decided it would be nice to spend a day together at Drum Castle.

    Drum Castle is situated in Drumoak, Aberdeenshire which is about 10 miles out of Aberdeen city. For over 650 years, this castle was occupied by the Irvine family after it was granted to them by King Robert the Bruce.




    The original 14th century tower with its rugged stonework contrasts with the adjoining Jacobean extension.  Later Victorian additions produced the courtyard we have today.


    After we wandered through this elegant building, we traipsed outside to explore the tiny chapel in the castle grounds before climbing the stairs into the old tower to see the impressive views from the battlements.


    After coming back down to ground level, we followed a winding path along the edge of a large pond which led to the walled gardens. The well kept gardens were a treat to walk around on a late summer’s afternoon. Box hedges, rose beds and colourful borders are interspersed with some cute benches. Of course, I couldn’t resist a photo op!



    After a lovely afternoon, we set off on our drive home to get ready for an evening of pub golf which just helped top off the day but that is for another time perhaps!

    Thanks for reading, or looking (since this is mostly photos)


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      • Kirsty Jarvie
        October 19, 2016 / 8:33 am

        Oh yes, a lovely day out!

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