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  • What to do in Cancun, Mexico

    With 2019 now well underway and travel plans starting to take shape, I thought it was probably about time I FINALLY posted about my time in Cancun, Mexico last summer.

    We went away for 2 weeks and over that time, we had a brilliant time consuming far too much food and tequila. But, if like us you aren’t a fan of sitting at the pool for the whole time whilst on holiday, here are some of our top picks from our trip that you will love.

    Top 3 Activities to do in Cancún, Mexico

    Chichen Itza

    Chichen Itza is located a few hours outside of Cancún, but it is totally worth the travelling. It’s an ancient Mayan city and has been one of The New Seven Wonders of the World since 2007. So it really is a must-see!

    Throughout the area, there are so many ruins to view, including the most famous El Castillio (The Kukulkan’s Pyramid). You will learn incredibly interesting, historical facts during your time here and learn how smart the Mayan really people were. The city is built strategically and every building has a purpose. For example, El Castillio was built to represent the Mayan calendar. Each side of the pyramid has 91 steps, altogether totalling 365 steps (the number of days in a year). This structure then helped them understand when they were to plant and harvest their crops.

    Another astounding aspect of Chichen Itza is the acoustics. If you clap your hands, the sound travels in the form of a bird chirp. All the buildings were built to increase and echo sounds so that messages could travel quickly within Chichen Itza. Incredible.

    We visited Chichen Itza with a touring package which also allowed us to go swimming in Ik Kil Cenote which is a super photogenic sinkhole. This was another brilliant experience. It was such a beautiful location, very idyllic. As well as this, we also had a short wander around a small Yucatan village.

    If you plan on visiting Chichen Itza, I’d recommend taking plenty of sun cream, a hat and water – there is nowhere to hide from the sun.

    Swim with whale sharks

    One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had the chance to take part in was swimming with whale sharks when I was in Mexico. I am a HUGE shark fan so I knew this was an activity I could not miss out on, especially since whale sharks are docile and gentle, unlike other types of shark.

    We were taken out on a speedboat into the waters until we found where the whale sharks were. We were told this could take anything from 20 minutes to several hours. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long to find these majestic creatures.

    In pairs, we took turn diving into the sea with one of the trained divers to observe the whale sharks in their natural habitat. It truly was an incredible experience. We were each allowed to dive several times and spend our time with the sharks. I, unfortunately, do not have any photos, only videos as I was much more into creating Youtube videos at the time.

    After our time swimming, we stopped at Isla Mujeres for food and drinks, but we did not come out of the water to do this – don’t be silly. We ate and drank in the crystal clear waters on top of inflatable tables which was a fun add-on in itself.

    I’d highly recommend this excursion.

    Coco Bongos

    This one is more for the people that like to drink. Coco Bongos is a nightclub in Mexico but it’s unlike any nightclub you’ll have ever been before.

    It’s more of a show than a typical nightclub and it’s extraordinary. There are dancers and acrobats performing on a large stage in front of you, as well as a large screen playing cabaret type shows from all your favourite musicals, shows and artists, making it seem like they are actually there performing to you. It’s brilliant.

    There is constantly bartenders going around asking you if you require a refill so it means you do not miss any of the fun while waiting at the bar. What’s even better is that your ticket gives you free drink all night. It was certainly a messy one for us but we had a phenomenal time and I’d certainly be keen to go back again.

    So those are my Top 3 picks for when you are Cancun, Mexico. These excursions made our trip one to remember and I hope if you plan on visiting any that you enjoy them just as much as we did!

    Where else would you recommend visiting in Mexico?

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