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  • The Christmas Tag | 2018

    At Christmas, a Christmas tag is essential in my opinion so when Holly Da Silva nominated me to complete the following tag, I was excited and quickly jumped into writing my answers to help me get into the Christmas Spirit! You should definitely go and check out Holly’s tag post too – her blog is great and she is taking part in Blogmas this year, so there is plenty to keep you entertained.

    Grab a hot chocolate and some gingerbread men and let’s jump straight in!

    Who makes Christmas Day special for you?

    Without a doubt, my family. Not often do we get to spend a whole day together these days, but Christmas will always be the exception. There is nothing better than waking up at my parents’ on Christmas morning to  see ‘Santa has been’ while drinking tea, prosecco and eating a bacon sandwich. The day is spent playing games and enjoying each other’s company.

    A new addition to my Christmas, is of course, Blair – I think without seeing him even for an hour on Christmas Day would be rather strange now that we live together. But, if we don’t, it’s fine because we are going to have our own ‘Christmas Day’  where we are going to try and cook our own Christmas meal at some point over the holidays.

    Do you prefer your birthday or Christmas?

    Christmas, definitely! My birthday falls in July when the majority of Aberdeen university graduations are celebrated and friends go on holiday so it can mean that there isn’t many people around for my birthday celebrations. But Christmas is a special time when family and friends have time off and we get to spend the time together.

    Also, I love all the Christmas lights everywhere – you don’t get that in July.

    Use one word to describe your excitement for Christmas

    Pending. With university coursework, it’s been hard getting into the Christmas spirit knowing that I have coursework looming but after I hand in my next coursework this week, that is when the fun can officially begin! Pass me a gin! As well as that, our Christmas tree isn’t up yet, so again, once that it up this week, that will definitely help get me feeling festive.

    What do you like to do on Christmas break?

    Some of my favourite activities to do over the Christmas break is visit Christmas markets and have some drinks with Blair. I’ve already been to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park this year, but we are hoping to take a trip to Edinburgh’s market at some point as a little day trip, as well as our local Aberdeen market for a browse and a potential ‘make a fool of myself ice-skating’ moment.

    Another tradition in my family is going to the pantomime – we love it and go every single year without fail. This year, Blair and I are also hoping to squeeze in a trip to Glasgow to go snowboarding, but we shall see how it goes – Christmas break is always a busy one as it is!

    What is the best gift you have ever received?

    I’ve been given lots of wonderful gifts over the years, but I’m going to go with this one because it’s most recent and I can remember my reaction most vivedly.

    For Christmas this year, Blair booked us tickets to go see Michael Buble in Prague. I have been a massive fan of Michael Buble since I was 15 (so almost 10 years) and have never had the chance to go and see him live so when I found out he was touring in the UK/Europe, I knew I would have to go in case it was my last chance since he announced he would be retiring from music after this tour. Blair secured our tickets and I cried for about an hour after – I was so happy I’d finally be seeing one of my favourite artists. I honestly cannot wait for September 2019!

    What is the worst gift you have ever received?

    I probably used to think receiving underwear and socks was the worst gift when I was younger – oh how things change! Oh, and a tangerine in my stocking…

    What is your all time favourite holiday food/treat?

    My sister and I bake a dreamy Banoffee Pie every Christmas and it is hands down my favourite part about our Christmas meal – I look forward to it all year long. It’s blooming delicious. I might share my recipe when we make it this year.

    What is your favourite Christmas film?

    I’ve always loved The Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen (Holly, you really need to watch them) – that was always the film I wanted to watch when I was younger. I was also a huge fan of Elf.

    A tradition in my family home was always to watch Jack Frost but I’d always try and avoid watching it and said I didn’t like it when really I just didn’t want to cry. Can you relate?

    Hope that helps you understand my Christmas a little more. I love finding out about how others spend Christmas so now I am tagging the following bloggers to also complete this tag:

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    If you have already completed, please do share your posts in the comments!


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