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  • Tony Macaroni Aberdeen | Is it worth trying?

    I was incredibly fortunate to be invited along to the opening of Tony Macaroni in Aberdeen to try out their menu. I brought Blair along so we could have our Saturday date night before we headed out to meet friends for drinks.

    Tony Macaroni is an Italian restaurant that you can find in several locations over the UK but somewhere I had never actually tried until it opened in Aberdeen. I always pictured it as this chain restaurant, a bit like F&B’s where food isn’t that fresh but Tony Macaroni prize themselves on being different than other chains where they do actually care about the quality of the food they are providing and ensure meals are made from scratch.


    On arrival I was greeted by the lovely manager who welcomed us and sat us down at our table for the evening. The waitress who served us throughout the night was so lovey, positive and always had a smile on her face which added to a great evening. I wish I could remember her name because she deserves a special mention.

    The night started off stressful however, not Tony Macaroni’s fault in the slightest, but because I left my phone on a bus and had to leave the restaurant 5 minutes after sitting down at our table to go try track it down. The restaurant were incredibly accommodating and said our table would be there waiting for us when we got back, which was so nice because the place was booming with customers due to their recent launch and something they definitely didn’t have to do.


    Now onto the food because, of course, that’s probably what you are interested in. The menu is extensive and it was a hard choice to narrow down what we wanted because everything sounded so nice.

    I started a drink-filled night by going for an Orange and Raspberry mojito, made with fresh, pureed raspberries and orange juice. It was such a refreshing beverage that is certainly on my list to have again sometime and started off the evening perfectly.

    For my starter, I decided to move away from my usual of Bruschetta and opted for Arancino Carne, which are traditional deep fried Italian rice balls coated in breadcrumbs, made with Bolognese sauce, stuffed with peas, cheese and served alongside a spicy ketchup dip. It was so delicious and incredibly flavoursome. Blair had a bite and was envious of my choice – he also thought they were lovely. I would definitely have this again.

    We both went for similar pasta dishes for our main course. I had Rigatoni Sugo di Carne which was rigatoni pasta with a tomato and beef sauce, homemade meatballs, beef strips, Italian sausage and bacon, topped with parmesan. I have no idea why I went for something so meat filled, I wouldn’t usually, but it was delicious and so filling as you could maybe guess. Blair went for Spaghetti con Polpette which was quite similar to my dish, but his was made with spaghetti pasta and just homemade meatballs, rather than the meat feast I chose. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our mains and would recommend the pasta highly. We’d love to go back soon and try the other dishes too!

    I wasn’t even considering dessert at this point because I was bursting at the seams, but Blair insisted we got one of Tony Macaroni’s amazing-looking sundaes. So I caved and we shared the Hot Chocolate Fudge Brownies sundae, which included 2 scoops of famous Nardini’s vanilla ice cream, 1 scoop of Belgian chocolate ice cream, loaded with a rich hot chocolate fudge sauce, melt in your mouth chocolate brownies, freshly whipped cream, crispy wafers and topped with even more brownies. It was exquisite. Any sweet tooth will love this sundae!

    We had a lovely time at Tony Macaroni’s. The food was brilliant, the cocktails were delicious and the service was top notch. We will be sure to be heading back there soon for another date night.

    Have you been to Tony Macaroni yet?

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