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  • Session Beer & Gin Festival | Review

    When the Sessions Beer and Gin Festival in Aberdeen was announced, I knew I wanted to get tickets and spend a day in the sun drinking all different types of gin.

    My sister and I decided to get tickets for the family for my dad’s birthday because he is a huge gin fanatic and thought it would be as fun outing for us as a family.

    Kirsty Jarvie - Sessions beer and gin festival

    The festival took place over 3 days – Friday 3rd until Sunday 5th August 2018 in Hazelhead Park. We went on the Saturday to ensure we could make the most of our time there and any sore heads the following day could be healed before work on Monday. If you can’t find a babysitter for next year’s, Sessions also have a family day on the Sunday so the kids can come along and have an afternoon of entertainment while you’re enjoying the tasty beverages on offer.

    The prices for the event differed depending on which day you chose to go, ranging from £10-20. Saturday was the most expensive day unsurprisingly.

    The ticket then got you entrance to the festival as well as a large decorated cup that was yours for the day and any drinks you purchased during the day were given to you in said cup, which is a touch I quite liked. I’m a sucker for a souvenir or memento so now I have my Sessions cup to remind myself of a great day with the family.

    Kirsty Jarvie - Sessions Beer & Gin Festival

    The Alcohol

    The main part of this festival was of course the alcohol, hence the name of the event. There were two large circus style Big Tops, one that supplied a large supply of gins and the other with a great selection of beers. If gin and beer aren’t your preferred choice, then there were still options for you including a Prosecco bar and a hut selling a delicious range of cocktails. So there really was something for everyone. There was also an inflatable pub which we loved the idea of until the pub hilariously deflated at one point during the night when the power tripped. It was certainly a comical portion of the evening.

    I stuck to gin most of the night and there was certainly a large selection with lots of different flavours to try. I really enjoyed trying some different gins that normally I can’t afford but considering it was a local event, I would have loved to have seen stalls with local craft gins. I think this would have been great for business and really enhanced our experience. Hopefully this is incorporated next year!

    In terms of beer, there were craft and local beers supplied which is spot on in my opinion. I think that an event like this is all about trying local produce and supporting local brands.

    Kirsty Jarvie - Sessions Gin and Beer Festival

    The Music

    The line ups differed each night. On Friday, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Carpets played much to my disappointment – I was hoping they’d play Saturday!  But, instead there were some great local artists and bands that performed throughout the day giving a great show. Aberdeen’s own Marc Culley and The Capollos graced the stage and got the crowds going with plenty sing-a-long tunes to get us all involved.

     The Food

    There was a few food stalls catering for all us with the drinking munchies. This included So Aberdeen,  Freddy & Hicks and Pizza Geeks, all of which are Scotland based – which I like because I like to contribute towards local businesses. We opted for Pizza Geeks, an Edinburgh based company specialising in pizzas of course. We opted for The Mario which is a tomato based pizza with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil as well as The Johnny Blaze. This was again, a tomato based pizza topped with mozzarella, nduja,  red onion, jalapeños and sprinkled with chilli flakes (wouldn’t advise this pizza if you don’t like spicy food but I LOVE spice). Both pizzas were incredibly tasty and a great alongside a refreshing gin and tonic.

    Sessions festival was a great day out for the family and I would definitely be keen to go back again next year, as well as many other food/drink type festivals in the local area. If you know of any, please do let me know! If you’re interested to know about more events for the family in Aberdeen, why not check out my Moscow State Circus review.


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