It’s nearly been a year since I started my blog and I love it. I’m happy with my content, I’ve been able to go to blogger events and meet some really lovely people.

So, in 2017, I want to step things up a gear and put even more time and energy into my little blog.

I’ve made a list of the goals I want to achieve throughout the year and hopefully I can look back in 2018 and feel proud of how far I have come.

So here are my goals:

1. Stick to a blog schedule of at least 1 post a week

I’ve always aimed to do this but sometimes life gets in the way. From now on, I am going to have a few posts written in advance so that I always have a blog post to launch. My upload day will be a Wednesday.

2. Collab with other bloggers for the first time

This is something I wanted to do last year but never really knew how to go about it. Over the past few months though, I’ve got to know a lot more bloggers so hopefully I can come up with some fun collab ideas. This includes finally meeting my fellow Mcfly fan, Karina , and cracking out some exciting posts for you all. I’ve known Karina for over 10 years now so it’s crazy we are yet to meet each other in person.

3. Increase my social media following

Social media, I feel, plays a very important part in the running of a successful blog. You can have the best written content ever but if no one knows about your blog your posts won’t be read. So, I aim to increase my following on Instagram to 2000 followers and Twitter to 1500 followers by the end of the year. My links will be below if you fancy helping me out!

4. Hit 15,000 views on my blog

This is quite a large goal for me and one I’m not sure if I can reach but I will give it my best shot!

5. Reach 1000 blog followers 

I know it’s not all about numbers but I do feel a sense of achievement when I reach certain milestones and to reach 1000 would be incredible.

6. Go to more blogger events

I went to a few blogger events in 2016 and they are some of my favourite memories from the year. Hopefully, I get to go to many more this year and get to know the bloggers in my city even better. It would also be great to go to some events outwith Aberdeen and get to meet even more wonderful people.

7. Comment and interact with other bloggers more often

This is something I find myself pretty bad at. I plan to take more time out to read others’ posts and actually leave comments rather than just liking them.

8. Improve my photography

I do feel I have made some improvement already with my blog photography. I now have a softbox to help me with lighting which helps a huge deal, but I definitely have work to do on the arrangement of flatlays and figuring out how to actually work my DSLR. With more practice, I will get there.

I’m very motivated this year to achieve great things with my blog and I’m so happy I took the plunge almost a year ago. If you are on the fence about beginning one like I was, I say just go for it! I can almost guarantee you will not regret it.

If you are also a blogger, what are your blog goals for 2017?

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