From 25th November, Aberdeen saw the return of our Christmas Village, so of course, to get into the Christmas spirit myself and Blair went along to see what this year had to offer.

We started off at Jäger Haus, a wooden crafted hut, situated outside Union Square shopping centre.  Here you can treat yourself to a hot apple cider or German beer while sitting in either a heated seating area or in one of their wooden huts cuddled up in a blanket. It had a warm, inviting atmosphere.

I opted for a Früli here, which is strawberry beer – it was really good!

The decor of this little hut was something I really enjoyed about our visit. I felt like I had been transported to a cabin in Germany for the evening. You are surrounded by carved wooden figures of animals and men, moose heads are hung from walls (there is even a singing one) and Christmas lights all around added to the ambience.

We then proceeded onto the main attraction on Union Terrace. This is Aberdeen’s second ever Christmas market and even though it isn’t as big as some others, such as Edinburgh’s, I think it is a great way to spend an evening.

Before anything else, we raced straight to a food stall for some Currywurst, a German sausage covered in a curry and ketchup sauce and some hot apple cider from the bar. Both of which were really good. It did take me a bit of time to acquire the taste for warm alcohol though.

By this point, I think we were both pretty full but I couldn’t say no to trying out some Dutch pancakes drizzled in chocolate sauce. We also wanted to try some churros but unfortunately we ran out of time. Maybe this was a good thing!


While waiting for our booked ice skating slot, we had a wander round to see what else was on offer.

Like last year, there were fairground rides such as a helter skelter, a pendulum ride as well as some rides for children. I stay well clear of fairground rides as I get queasy easily, but the option is there for others!

There is also a selection of market stalls offering wooden crafted gifts, Christmas decorations and homemade chocolates. These close at 8pm though, so if you want to do some shopping make sure you arrive before then.

If you are after some mulled wine or German beer, there is Moose bar, a marquee, in which you can enjoy some live entertainment from live bands and local performers.

Another fun-filled activity is the Christmas tree maze in Union Terrace Gardens. I didn’t get the chance to go here but it is pretty self-explanatory and with the added Christmas lights it gives you that festive feel.

And as the Christmas village drew to a close, there was one last thing we wanted to do – ice skate!

The outdoor ice rink is the perfect way to end your visit. You are given a half an hour slot, 20 minutes of which is on the ice. This maybe doesn’t seem long but it is plenty of time. The rink is decorated with light covered trees and Christmas garlands, again making you feel incredibly festive.

The ice rink is also suitable for kids and non skaters as you can get some help with a penguin or panda aid. Even for people that can ice skate these are great fun. I’d say I’m a pretty good skater but I had a go anyway!

If you’re looking for something to do one evening this Christmas period, why not head down to the market and see what you think. I had a great time, I’m sure you will too. It’s sure to help keep your holiday spirit high. It’s open until January 8th so you still have a few days before it closes shop until next year.

Have you been yet? What other Christmas markets are worth a visit?

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