Earlier this month I got the opportunity to go to The Body Shop Blogger Event in Aberdeen’s store to learn a little more about their Christmas range with a group of other bloggers from Aberdeen. This was my first blogger event so I was excited to finally have the chance to see what one entails, albeit a little nervous too. For moral support, my friends Holly,¬†Jess¬†(who also had never been to an event before) and I all went along together.


This is a very exciting one for me. Not long ago, Colourpop had an offer for free international shipping on orders over $50 which I just couldn’t say no to. I’ve been longing after Colourpop products ever since I saw Kathleen Lights speaking about the brand in her videos. I made the most of the offer, as standard shipping is normally pretty pricey due to the company being based in the US, and purchased quite a lot so I will…