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    Just like so many of you, my favourite time of the year is Autumn so I thought I would do this tag to let you know why I love this season so much and allow you to get to know me a little better.


    What signifies the start of autumn for you? For me, the start of Autumn is when you start seeing all the leaves falling from the trees, shops start bringing out cosy knits and coffee shops bring out their pumpkin spiced lattes.

    What is your favourite fall scent? I’m not huge on classic autumnal scents such as cinnamon but I love the Apple Cinnamon candle by Wickford & Co as it still smells fruity and isn’t overpowered with cinnamon.

    What is your favourite autumn colour? Burgundy and khaki green, I am obsessed. At one time, my wardrobe was taken over with burgundy items. My favourite burgundy piece right now would probably be my Cambridge Satchel Company satchel.

    What is your favourite fall drink? No matter what the season, my favourite hot drink will always be a good cup of breakfast tea. Larger the better.


    What TV show, old or new, are you looking forward to this fall? I’m looking forward to the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians starting, it’s my guilty pleasure.

    What is your favourite fall fashion trend? Turtle neck jumpers, I can’t get enough. They are my favourite clothing item to wear. The majority of my favourites this year are from Primark – they fit so well and I have them in almost every colour available. I team mine with black, high-waisted jeans or an a-line skirt.

    What is your favourite frugal autumn activity? My favourite activity would be wrapping up warm in a woolly hat, thick scarf and cosy coat to go for a long walk with a friend.

    What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? Normally, I keep it simple on the eyes and let the lips make the statement in autumn. I opt for darker lipstick shades such as berry tones, oxblood and stone brown/greys.

    Now that I’ve answered these questions, I tag everyone reading this that would like to have a go to take part too. If you decide to, let me know as I would love to read them!

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