Make-up Haul

Make-up Haul


My make-up collection is starting to increase rapidly and I’m running out of places to store it all, but of course, I couldn’t say no to a shopping trip to purchase some more.

Here is what I bought:


Make Up Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Palette, £8. This palette comes with 8 contour/highlight shades to create those chiselled faces we are all after. It reminds me a lot of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Original Contour Kit which retails at £39 so if you are after something more affordable but also with great pigmentation and quality, I would definitely recommend this palette.


Make Up Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Eyeshadow Palette, £4. For only £4, you get 12 matte neutral shades and a double ended applicator. I won’t be using the applicator as brushes work better but this little set would be great for a beginner. I lack matte eyeshadows in my collection so these will be great for transition shades and the choice of colours is perfect for everyday wear.


 Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, Ivory, £7.99. I was originally going to pick up Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation as I wanted a foundation that was lighter and contained SPF, unlike my current, to bring with me on holiday. I noticed Wake Me Up had SPF 15 and that this foundation has SPF 20 so I opted for this instead. This is a blind purchase, I have no idea if it has good reviews but I’m trying out for the first time tomorrow so fingers crossed I like it.


Rimmel Supercurler Mascara, £6.99. I picked up another bottle of my favourite mascara. I find this mascara gives my lashes a real sense of length and volume. I have dead straight lashes so it maybe doesn’t keep them curled for 24 hours, or anywhere close, as mentioned but I don’t mind that too much.


Rimmel Natural Bronzer, £5.99. If you spent £9 or more on selected Rimmel products in Boots, you got this bronzer for free. I’ve tried this bronzer before and I used to use it daily so it will be good to see if I still like it after all this time. This bronzer also has SPF 8 in the formula which, correct me if I am wrong, is quite unusual for a drugstore bronzer.


Primark PS… Lip Liner Pencils, £1 each. I lack lip liners in my collection as I tend to find I only really get on with MAC lip liners and I just can’t justify buying too many at £12.50 a pop so when I saw these in Primark for £1 I thought I would give them a quick swatch. I wasn’t expecting much from these but they are surprisingly creamy and pigmented. They don’t drag your lips which is something I hate about some drugstore lip liners. I would say that the colours of the packaging don’t match the product colour exactly so try them out before you buy but I seriously suggest adding these into your collection.



Primark PS… Kohl Eyeliner Pencils, Ivory and Green, £1 each. Like the lip liners, these are surprisingly creamy and apply well. The ivory shade will be perfect for the waterline and the green was sort of a impulse buy. I am trying to buy shades a little out of my comfort zone so that I can play around with make-up more. They have a good range of shades in each collection.


MUA Lip Liner, Sloe Berry, £1. This is a dark purple lip liner which will be perfect for a lot of my darker lip shades. It doesn’t seem to be as creamy as the Primark liners but for £1, I’m okay with this.


MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick, Lustre, currently half price for £2. So far, I haven’t got on as well as I would like with this lipstick. The colour, a silver/nude, is gorgeous but it does take a few coats to get it looking opaque on the lips.  I find this means that the formula doesn’t dry down and stays tacky on the lips which is why I prefer lipsticks over glosses. It also has a strong scent which is another factor of certain make-up items I do not get on with. I will play about with this more though because I think the metallic, futuristic look on the lips is fun and quirky and the colour is lovely.


MUA Lipstick, Raven, £1. This won’t be to everyone’s taste but I have wanted a black lipstick for the longest time. I have had a dark grey lipstick for a while now but wanted to go all the way with a true black lipstick and what better time to try it out now that it will be more ‘socially acceptable’ with the launch of the Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit in ‘Dead of Knight. I was on the hunt for a matte black but I wasn’t so lucky so I picked this up instead. Even if I don’t have the courage to wear this out, it will be great for Halloween.

And that is everything I purchased. I’d love to know how you got on with these products.

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