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    After receiving the text message to say that my ASOS delivery had been delivered, I rushed home from work excitedly, ready to blog about my purchases, to discover that the items I ordered were not what I expected.

    Normally, I have no issue with ASOS. I love ASOS, It’s probably my favourite online store. I sometimes find that the images aren’t a great representation of the clothes you are actually purchasing but even so I still liked the clothes that are posted through my letterbox.

    This time, however, I cannot say the same. I packed them all away ready to be sent back but thought it would be a good idea to show you the items first. We all love hauls showing us the gorgeous outfits our favourite bloggers have bought but there are always going to be items that are not so great.

    So I’m using this opportunity to perhaps help you make your decision if you come across these items on their website and are unsure whether to add them to your basket. This is my personal opinion so please do not be offended if you have purchased any of the items I am about to show.

    The first item is the Scuba Digital Jewel Print Midi Dress, priced at £55. On first glance, this dress reminded me so much of Taylor Swift, who is a major style icon on mine. I love how elegant and classic she is. The dress appears to be a slightly off white/barely lemon colour and is decorated with blue and purple jewels placed in flower arrangements. On arrival, the main colour of the dress can only be described as ‘puke’ yellow/green, which greatly disappointed me. If you are on the shorter side like me (I’m 5ft 2″), this dress will have to be worn with heels to suit your size.

    Next are the MARDY Gladiator T-Bar Shoes, priced at £20. I saw these and instantly fell in love with them. I chose them in Pale Blue; they also sell these in Pale Pink or Black. These would be gorgeous for summer. My only disappointment with the shoes is that they are not true to size. I purchased a size 5, which is the size I am everywhere for shoes. However, they appeared to be at least 2 sizes larger than I need. I asked my boyfriend to try them on to compare and he only just found them a little tight (he is a size 10 in men’s shoes). Other than that I actually really love these little gems. I don’t think I want to trial and error until I find the correct size for me though.

    My least favourite item of the order is probably ASOS Skirt in Floral Print, reduced to £10. I knew it was netted when I purchased it, however, I find the holes are too large which makes the white lining inside far too visible for my personal taste. I also found the lining to be quite thin which makes me think that this item would be transparent. Due to this, I think this skirt would be good for over the top of a bikini. Moving onto size, I found the skirt too long on me and due to the thickness of the netting I found it made my waist seem bulky.

    The last two items are River Island Latoya Bustier Bikini Top, £18, and River Island Latoya High Waisted Bikini Bottoms,  £14, both in White Floral. This bikini also comes in pink or green. This bikini is very cute and if it weren’t for the fact that the top is a little too tight (size 8), I may have kept this for my holiday. My only concern with this bikini is due to being white it may go see through if worn in water. I’d say this is more of a sunbathing bikini than one to hop into the pool with! Also, the high waisted bikini bottoms are great if you are not completely confident in a pair of skimpy bottoms and want to cover up more. They also help hide you tum, which is a major plus.

    Have you had any different experiences with these items? Or is there an item you have ordered that didn’t meet your expectations?

    (Due to technical faults with my camera, I was unable to upload the photos taken for this post)


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